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That is all.

I have just made myself a mug of tea. A traditonal old black tea, nothing fancy and nothing meaningful. I have made a black tea as opposed to a green tea as I have run out of the old Yamamoto yama.
On average I drink between 2 and 6 cups of tea a day. The normal average is 3. I drink 2 cups of black tea a day when that is the only choice. I have stopped drinking coffee.

The above paragraph is worthless information compounded in a way that seems to have a meaning. I dont think I have informed the world about my tea drinking habbits before and I would normaly not do so unless I felt the need to advise a certian type of tea.
If I used facebook the following would be considered ok to type, at least 5 times a day:
"Just made me'sen a cuppa lol"
This may be followed by numerous peoples you have not met typing "lol" or "I love tea lol"

People wonder why I am a bitter old man.

In other news: the new Morbid Angel album is the single most awful thing to happen to extreme music in a very long time. I do not mind experementation, however some experiments have been done, they did not work back then and they sound even worse now. Dave Vincent is also an abysmal vocalist who writes some horrible lyrics.

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Hard up on money


I swear all you need to do is put a hankie with the Satanic Warmaster logo up on that service and you can mint it. Thank you Satanic Warmaster, thank you.

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Since spring is in full flow and we are transending to summer the evenings are quite light. As I walked home from class I slowed down as I moved along my street. Directly across from my house is a small bungalow surrounded by a number of gardens. Most of the time they are filled with drunks playing shit music till about 2am but today there was some rain so all the wild beasts had scattered for shelter.
The sky made me nostalgic, I've not seen a dusk like this for years, or at least I have not paid attention to one such as this evening's. It reminded me of the sky over the church yard behind my old house in Derbyshire, standing out for long hours in the evening watching the bats.
The open area above the small house and the garden seemed perfect for them! I stopped waited and watched. Nothing there so it appeared, then I remembered most UK bats are pipistrelle rather then Amazon giant fruit bats so I paid a slight more attention.
It was a couple of small bats
I AM WATCHING FUCKING BATS IN THE STREET! Tiny little chirping bastards eating insects, flittering about over the gardens and houses of a shit city, ignoring the people below just as much as the people below seemed ignorent of the bats. Why look at a bat when there is a stupid dog barking and running in circles WOOF WOOF WOOF I AM A DOG I AM A FUCK
They may seem like pathetic little nothings to most, but then again they dont (usually) contain cocaine. I however love watching the little fuckers flitter about feeding on midgies and whatnot.
I then went inside and watched them from my window.
I clawed my hands and fell to my knees. One day, when I grow up, if I keep doing this to BATS I may be permitted to join Satanic Warmaster! (Fuck! His shitty old albums are making me good money on ebay right now so I can only dream (of hitler))






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Typing Asian languages compared to writing them is dull.

Why no answeing of emails / updating journals / answering texts
1: Right now I have very little to say worth documenting
2: I have far too much to do to distract myself

...and I am thoughly enjoying it.

I do have to say that I really should pick universities better when trying to select them. Last one I went to was awful and a waste of time, the one I thought about going to in the next year or so appears to have been swept away.
Tsunamis are such fun.

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"HAHAHA! Someone throws water at Japan, the news says their houses fell over and they died.
I thow bombs at my people and the news says they love me! Thats how fucking brilliant I am!

Thanks Japs! Now those pesky reporters wont be looking at me!"

- Ghadafi
or at least thats what I imagine what he is thinking now

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I used to hate London and all its messy and noisy mass. Now I kind of enjoy it regardless of the oddities that bug me about it.
Its a stupidly big place mind.

I am tired.


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